Limited Editions



On this page, selected passages from the manuscript are published without naming the source pages in the manuscript, in free translation. This page is updated at irregular intervals.

(...) to make the citizen a friend, this pedant, who beliedly belongs to the lowest uneducated rank, he is the plague (...)

(...) the work is sufficiently enveloped in mist(...)

(...) Amor (ship) is rotten, weigh up the signs, since the leak is still small, but express, therefore, that the journey can be a nightmare. (...)

(...) the waste, the brightest spirit of Italy, he can only make / confide with difficulty, since his person is weak, so it is the last journey which is approaching. (...)

(...) I am speaking to the misfortunes which have been caused by the following. I did not mention the fact that one of the noblemen was evil and disgraceful with his daughter-in-law, who tried to flee in vain. (...)

(...) borrowed the splendor garment of Bitonto, as the most characteristic of Bitonto (...)

(...) a green landscape, when tall grass is to see, only when it is withered, the sea of the half-rotten carcasses (of the battle) comes to light (...)