Lexicon of the Voynich folios

In this lexicon all folios of the Voynich manuscript are listed.

r stands for the front and v for the back.

So far, it is believed that 14 pages are missing. These were not included in the overview list. This missing sides are 12, 59-64, 74, 91, 92, 97, 98, 109 and 110.

  • The numbering of the pages follows the original numbering in the manuscript.

  • It is taken as the information structure of the previous assignment.

  • The new assignment, based on my translation is added, if published.

  • The information on the dating of each page, according to my calendar calculation is added, if published.

  • All translation-relevant folios are located right in the list.

Cover Front inside
Parchment cover front side and first inside.

Rear inside Cover
Last inside and parchment cover back side.