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Help - patrons wanted!

The translation work of the manuscript is not simply to transform an encrypted text by a code in a plain text, but is completely different additional requirements subjected. As a result of this, a rapid advance is only to be achieved by a full-time work.

copyright The Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library My wish and my goal is to complete this work, which still means a lot of work. To think creatively, one need financial freedom and not being distracted by other activities. To be distracted again and pulled out of work, is inefficient and unprofitable and hampers faster progress.

There are text sequences that require up to a week of reflection to be solved, or those that can only be opened up by a historical or historical background if a connection with other pages can be established. Each line, every paragraph, is a new challenge because, as already said, the sense must be extracted from x possibilities.

So far, through the work of a second person and myself, 9 man-years of work and quite a bit of capital flew into this project and this know-how is not simply set available "for free", or would you do that? In due course, I will decide who gets insight into my basic work, in order to be able to test it, until then, nobody will be served!

Originally, I thought the translation took 3 to 4 years. But the work on the manuscript has shown that it is much more complex than thought and it is not comparable to a book that is translated from German into English.

In 2013 the work was so far advanced that I thought the "main pages" written in the Voynich manuscript, in the foreseeable future as a book to be able to publish. New insights allowed a realization of a first publication to go far away. These new results, that not only underlying pages under the main text, but the pages in the manuscript are also mirrored with underlying pages, have increased the workload for further years.

Meanwhile another project has been added: the "new translation" of the Maya glyphs. Definitely the Maya, contrary to what is claimed by science, have used an alphabetic writing. Interested people can read more here.

Financial support:

What is needed: A financial support for the work on these projects in full time for the next 5 to 10 years. The cost of literature, library research, which may also be associated with travel, equipment, external services and the cost of printing / translation of the 1st edition in German and English. The total financing requirements for these projects amounts to several hundred thousand Euro.

Unlike some research projects in which seep partially million of funding, here are standing presentable products at the end.

We are looking for patrons or sponsors or institutions who want to support this work, as official authorities unable to do so.

The experience of the last few years with public bodies, universities or scientists has shown that this is not about the promotion of performance and intelligence, or about the constructive exchange of knowledge, but about the defense of beneficiaries and / or their own reputation. One judges or judges without demand and wraps itself in silence. One example is the information from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, which stated: "We have no funds for you, but you can apply for Harz IV (social benefits)".

Performance and intelligence do not just seem to be of interest in this country anymore!

Gladly I am willing to share myself with people who want to support my work seriously, in an interview or to give more award, then was published on this site.

If you want to support this work, please feel free to contact me.