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It´s done and it is no theory!

Have you ever seen this "glyphs" in the background before? Can you imagine that this "hieroglyphic writing" already exasperate many people?

These characters come from the Voynich manuscript. Since its discovery in 1912 by Wilfrid Michael Voynich anyone, who has dealt with it in detail, was fascinated. It is located since 1969 in the holdings of the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library of the Yale University.

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copyright The Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library

For decades many tried to suss the puzzle out and just can't get access. Nevertheless, they can't get rid of it, such as William Friedman, who even at the close of his life still tried to educe the secret of the manuscript.

Others tried it and gave up, but the fascination remains. Wouldn't it be great to finally know what is in the Voynich manuscript? Who wrote it? And mainly the language it is written in? Or don't you want to know, because the myth of insolubility should be preserved or because you grudge the decryptor to have found the solution?

For years there was an endless coming and going of speculation about the right solution. But nothing and nobody was able to solve the mystery and it was followed by the alternative: to prove that everything was a joke. But these assumptions are no longer tenable according to the current state of knowledge!

copyright The Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library And then there are the ranks of the "experts": They consider with the manuscript once or more, found no solution, but claim to be able to evaluate if a solution is correct or not. The list of these supposed experts is constantly on the rise, but apart from wild theories and "language speculations", nothing conclusive is presented. However, one understands media-effective to present, but can not rely on a few thousand translated Voynich vocabulary.

Is it not so that the person who can decrypt the manuscript and translate it completely is the expert?

The group of the writers of the Voynich manuscript - it was not only one brilliant thinker, but the result of several brilliant minds - have created something unique. The Voynich manuscript is also the legacy of more than one generation.

Even the usual behavior of people, who want to get hold of knowledge, was envisaged by them and prevent by its encryption.

You have to live in their world, to empathize with their thoughts, to understand how brilliant the work is, those people bequeathed us.

Of course there could stand on these pages, who wrote it - what I know - and what all is inside it. But it can wait until the entire translation will be published as a book. Some insights and results of the decryption can be found on the following pages by the menu above or at "more solutions".