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I read an article about the Voynich manuscript in the February issue of the journal PM in early 2007. I never heard anything about it before and then I thought that it can not be so complicated to crack this code.

After 5 days I solved the basic code and it was followed by a few more adjustments and changes that led to the breakthrough by the end of February 2007. It worked from the beginning that meaningful words and small text sequences could be translated in various places in the manuscript. For a few days it pulled the rug out under my feet, because I could not believe it myself.

I have developed the code from pure combinatorics of the various "Voynich-Glyphs" in the text and I am not oriented on any supposed allegations: "The word next to the picture must be called one way or another", as is generally acted on.

Today, I know that I have a special giftedness and these allow me among other things also in a completely different way of working than usual to act.

I received confirmation of this gift in 2014, when I deciphered the Mayan lettering within a week, which was not achieved by science over the past 150 years, confirming Diego de Landa, who postulated this as early as 1566.

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Since 2007 I am working on the translation and this work is pure discipline. Highness is the one side to find approaches. Hard work is the downside of the implementation.

In order to "think" like the inventors of this manuscript one needs the same geniality and the same creative thinking as this one. I stand with my intellect alone in opposite of a group of genial minds, but only my abilities and intuition have made it possible so far to solve the other puzzles in the manuscript. There are still some, which I could not solve so far from pure time lack, but the ideas of the solution are already present.

The "solution work" in the manuscript also includes a lot of additional work such as: literary incorporation into the time of the day, etc. Each translated text sequence is reconciled historically and it is possible that completely new knowledge comes to light, as is shown by "The Great Flood" .

The existing "spare-time work" includes the finding and reading of more than 360 books / journals, plus miscellaneous literatures, seeing more than 2400 documentation and the creation of a historical chronology, which already includes more than 900 pages. Here a familiar is supporting me.