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Louis IX


(excerpt page 25r)
While I dine, I did not notice how the Ninth turned pale, albeit occasionally all the nobles vomit anything. Emphatically I deny that it is the blister, because I do not want it.

We are in the Holy Land, on 06/07/1252, somewhere on the coast, nearby a ship is waiting.

With the Ninth Louis IX, King of France is meant. He was in the Holy Land until 1254, after his own redemption from captivity of the Egyptians on 06 May 1250. Among other things he led negotiations for the release of other Frankish prisoners. At this time he let the cities of Acre, Caesarea, Jaffa and Sidon attach or enlarge again.

The incident described here is in any case outside of Acre, something further in the text there is talk that Acre is the perfect place if you are sickly.