Limited Editions


Missing pages

So far it is believed that the Voynich manuscript is missing 14 pages. There are pages 12, 59-64, 74, 91, 92, 97, 98, 109 and 110.

In reality, the numbering of the pages was done on purpose so that the impression should arise from missing pages. From the number of missing pages and the corresponding position in the manuscript, another key can be derived.

This key - applied to the content of the visible page - works so that in a certain rhythm glyphs will be deleted.


change to

There remains a new text, which must be cut in the first step in matching glyph words. Only out of the context can be developed a meaningful text. But, there is only one unique clear solution.

This new content complements the main text and there are already signs that all important information can be found only in this second level.

The genius lies in the development of this key that allows this additional option and that the new content, as well as the visible "Voynich text", show a coherent text as the first and second page in a book.

How this was managed to get it, is almost incomprehensible, but on the other hand its understandable, since the INTO works much easier than the OUT. Confirmation will find here for the very specific development and longer duration in the production of texts.