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In order to understand the manuscript you must not only understand, but also grasp that the inventors left nothing in it to chance. It was not simply a text encrypted and written down, but behind every detail hides an intention which was previously considered. Even the text, as you can see it, contains a kind of coding.

Only intensive translation work has shown further implemented feints.

The inventors spent, more than 500 years ago, a long time to draft these texts, because these existing documents and records were transcribed so that those could be written as "Voynich-text". This has not been carried out by one person alone, but there were several writers who probably for months and decades produce these texts. The manuscript itself is the fair copy.

copyright The Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript LibraryThe same takes effect to the drawings. These have also been prepared over the years and then drawn down to "hide" further knowledge. Each drawing has a special meaning and the obvious makes you think that it is Botany, Herbology, Astronomy, etc. and, of course, that the meaning is written down beside.

Years of creative thinking from brilliant minds flew in this work!

The entire Voynich Manuscript is a mystery and only at the end when everything is translated, you can put the puzzle piece by piece together and get the entire content. For example, the text from page 25 does not continue on page 26 and the text of page 26r does not follow the one from page 26v.

But what is written down in the Voynich manuscript?

Experienced history was written down, which couldn´t be destroyed or corrupted away by anyone over the centuries, because of its encryption.
The text was written as a kind of adventure novel and draws a social ambience of their time. The translations to date refer not only to the records of the 13th and 14th centuries, the time of the crusades, but also to periods that extend to the 3rd millennium BC.

The radiocarbon dating, which locates the origin time of the parchment between 1404-1438, did not surprise me, but confirmed even more my hitherto suppositions. And it was not written in Italy, as suspected.

It's all about battles, assaults, quarrels, togetherness, voyages, captureing ships, Volcanic eruptions, expulsions and much, much more ...

You know the novels from the Lord of the Rings or The Da Vinci Code, where invented is an exciting story? In the Voynich manuscript are true, experienced stories that were not lined up as a historical chronicle dry, but everyone enchanted in a way that you can witness this time. Every page that you begin to translate is an adventure itself, because you never know where you are and what is happening.

To get an impression of these texts here are three short sequences of the original Voynich text and the associated translation are given in English:


(excerpt page 28v)
A fourth time to fetch water requires effort. We are angry because we can not in the harbor, because it certainly does not have the depth. Accordingly, we now have to be at anchor outside.

Since the Greek sea is very rough, one of the nobles complained again and again: "I will die". I appease him and remove quickly once the local bloodless Gangrenous.

It is the 12. October 1245:

Where exactly the event in Greek sea takes place in October 1245, can not be determined yet because there is no reference to a location in the whole paragraph. Only the appropriate page before or after will still provide information.