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The naked women

On the folios of the Voynich manuscript are a few dressed ladies but manly naked ones. If you look closer you realize that “be dressed” really means “dressed flimsy“. Those ladies may not represent the ideal of beauty as it's seen today, but to make the manly blood boil the skills from the 15. Century are more than enough.

How many men may yearn to be surrounded by such naked bathing women, when it's the more ideal imagination about women, rather than concede them abilities, skills and intellect.

These are drawings of bathing ladies in the folios 75r to 84v, which are representing a calendar like the plants. Don't you see how those inventors have played with human preferences?

Each man who held this book surely “stuck” on this pages for more than one moment and put it in a mental drawer, with a special label because of an “imaginary content”. Today, in the “modern” time, the digitized pictures of the manuscript may have the same effect.

The mind is ensnared, the emotions awoken, but truly it is a camouflage tactic, wrapping the knowledge in a fog of fantasy.