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Open letter to the article “Yale publishes facsimile of mysterious manuscript”

published on Yale News, Gretchen Knaut Nov 09, 2016, Contributing Reporter

It is to welcome that a 1:1 copy as facsimile has come into the world since different aspects of the diagrams of the VM can only be recognized by an "original template" on the right scale.

However it appears questionable here to operate on the historical, as well as cultural significance, if you don’t even begin to know the content. You regard the VM only from the outside and speculatively derive its supposed content from this view.
This practice seems to be common in science when one tries to explain something that is not understood.

You say that individuals are afraid to jeopardize their reputation. This is truly cautious as it has to be more correct that no one has ever cracked it so far.
All attempts, including the approaches of deciphering, which are repeatedly brought out and further hypotheses, will continue to fail.

In your report to write that the manuscript has not been solved so far is not true.
The VM is written in Latin and can only be solved if one has the same intellect as its inventor. It has been developed by an elite of creative minds and can only be solved by someone who can think in the same way as they did 600 years ago.

The inventors have already written it down in the VM: (...) "sufficiently enveloped in the mist" (...)

You may title the work as you like but it will lock you out. I have already translated several thousand words in the last 9 years; I know who wrote it, what the plants mean and much more. And I know why it was so important to encrypt this "secret knowledge" so complicated. This key was developed in a specific way and there are still more keys hidden in the manuscript as you can imagine.

It may be that you get a lot of encouragement on your website and yet you do not seem to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff for years. It does not seem to be reasonable that you did not respond to more than 8 mails from me within the past 2 years.
It is time to deal with professional competence instead of pursuing questionable hypotheses.

You can find further solutions on my website

Yale's first response at 2:00 pm (MEZ), Nov. 10, 2016 it was a spam. Apparently, truths do not care!